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Jeep Safari: wild ride on wheels

Human’s fascination with the other species on the planet earth has always been there and it keeps on growing. The charisma of animals and plants both have always allured them to explore more. A gift by Mother Nature, this extensive assortment of species when seen in their natural habitat however still guarded boundaries gives you the exact idea about how lucky we are to be the part of this magnificent universe. And India as being famous for its nature of diversity provides just the right place for gaining an astonishing experience in spending some time in wilderness that is the very famous Jim Corbett National Park.

Among some other very thrilling activities one is the Jeep safari. Riding through in an open jeep is the most excellent way to delve into the boonies. Exploring the raw fragments of the earth and knowing about it helps us in opening up our senses. And with the guide provided with the jeep and a driver the touring becomes very educational and safe. So this ride is for everyone kids, young, adults, seniors, commoners, professionals, artists, photographers or just nature admirers. Everyone and everybody are welcomed here. In the premises few professional animal trainers are also easily available for the security of visitors in case of any danger arises.

To cover the four forest zones that are Jhirana (Round the year), Bijrani and Durgadevi (From 1 Oct to 30 June), Sitabani (Round the year) around 30 jeeps are allowed to travel each time in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Morning timings are from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M and at afternoon from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. From the open roof of the jeep when you see 360 degree landscape view filled with the wonders of Nature ranging from animals to birds and plants to tiny hills to Ramganga river around for that particular moment you'll forget your busy and crowded life of city.

Stay still and quietly you can hear the music of Nature composed by chirping of birds, howling of jackals, trumpets of elephants, chattering of langurs, whistling of wind through tall tree leaves and most important the growling of the gorgeous beast tigers. You can also track leopards, variety of deer’s, Gharials and marsh Crocodiles, wild boars and other lesser known animals. You just need to keep your eyes and ears open and you will have the time of your life. Breathe in the fresh air and you will never forget this exhilarating and miraculous experience.

So if you are a wanderer and wildlife zealot then jeep safari in the Corbett National Park is your activity in your promised land. Pack up your binoculars, camping boots and your camera for a joyride in jungle. And for the best assistance and lodging facilities near the park area bank on the best in business Ashoka's Tiger Trail Resort. They will guide you all and well for your wild wild jungle safari.

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Elephant Safari:joyous jumbo journey

We live in a modern world with all the modern techniques around us like cars, computers, smart phones etc. We run fast each day to gather as much above mentioned stuff as we can in our short span of life. But obviously everybody gets tired of running at some point. So what do we need?? A getaway to recharge ourselves and try new things in order to put ourselves back together. And how does the idea of wandering in the jungle sitting on the back of a giant mammal sounds in this situation? I say the ride is a mashup of feelings ranging from a jolt of adrenaline with a bit sprinkle of jitters.

Jim Corbett National Park, which is famous for such activities, is famous for a reason. It offers you the best ride experience into wilderness so that you could see the enigmatic untamed species of wonder nature in their pure haven. And somewhere in the middle it is quiet possible that the colorful and fresh beauty of the valley might put you in a trance. And a safari on elephant is quiet an exquisite ad magical experience. Away from the noise of car horns when you listen to the trumpet of the elephant it can melt your heart. Being so close to the nature helps you change your perspective and priorities.

The ride is very safe you get a professional mahout guide with you for your complete assistance. And also within the area some professional animal trainers are available in case of an emergency. So without any worrying you can sit back on the elephants back and relax and just enjoy the tour. On the trip while passing through the different terrains you can spot the Asian Elephant, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Sambar, Ghoral (Mountain goat), Civets, Rhesus & Langur Monkey, Jackal, Porcupine, etc. and if you are really lucky you might come across the beasts of the jungle like Bengal Tiger, Leopard and a variety of lesser cats, Hog Deer and Sloth Bear. Few reptiles like Monitor Lizard, King Cobra, Rock Python and sea creatures like fresh water Crocodile, Gharial, Otters, Turtles and a variety of fish (Mahseer, Goonch etc.) also reside there in and around the Ramganga River. And for bird watchers this place is like Promised Land.

When riding through if you’ll close your eyes and open up your other senses you could hear the sounds of the nature as if it is some beautiful rhythmic composition which might be raw but still will be in complete harmony. If in dilemma for choosing the lodging facilities consider Ashoka's Tiger Trail Resort / Hotel. They are the finest in the business and always happy to guide their visitors. So grab your camera, put on your safari hats and go enjoy the majestic wild woodland for your next vacation.

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Trekking: a wild quest

Defining the meaning of life, searching for the answers relating to the questions of environment around us. And getting surprised by the wonders of Mother Nature, are the basic traits of human beings. Everybody is looking for something or the other. The curiosity is what keeps us awake and question things and getting amazed with the answers. And what could be the best way to reformulate our perspective other than walking right into the arms of majestic world of nature.

Jim Corbett National Park is a well-known place in India where people can participate in exploring the wonder-wood-land. In the excursion you can break down the mysteries of jungle, get inspired by the picturesque views of mountains and witness the beasts of wilderness live in action. All that just in few hours. Though walking or trekking inside the reserve is not allowed except at certain places because of the safety of both the visitors and the reserve. For inside jeep safari or elephant safari is available. But around the reserve you can follow the trails carved by nature and you can feel the magic. Walking where the famous hunter/tracker/conservationist/author Mr. Jim Corbett once walked is a rare opportunity. The place has oodles of stories and legends buried inside. So if the adventurous side of you is calling you then heading towards Jim Corbett National Park would be a perfect idea.

Out of many other exciting activities trekking is the most thrilling one. You can wander around in the centuries old pathways, stopping at the special spots where Jim Corbett chased down the man-eater tigers, hike through the neighbouring Corbett's areas, stay at the exclusive jungle style Ashoka's Tiger Trail Resort for the best experience, sit and play by the riverside, blend in with the local communities of the area. And it's a guarantee that when you'll leave again for your routine life you'll be a changed person for good. When the whole experience transformed Jim Corbett from just a hunter to a conservator and his endeavours to protect the area led to the establishment of India's oldest National park then the place must possess some real fascination that we can't ignore.

For kids the experience could be very educative and for adults it would definitely be an inspiring trip. Many explorers and nature enthusiasts have walked these trails to unravel the secrets of environment and they have not been disappointed. The place documents the World's Largest Population of Tigers. So if you are fortunate enough you can encounter one in the reserve. Other than that elephants, leopards, deers, Wild Dogs, Jackals, Langur, wild boars, different variety of birds and plants take shelter in this habitat. Though the whole area in and around the National park is safe but still taking safety measure would be a very good idea specially when with children. Like take a professional person who knows every nook and corner of the place and carrying a first aid kit also might come in handy. So if in holiday mood and want to reconnect with the Mother Nature pack up all your trekking gears and start your expedition in Jim Corbett Park. .

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Bird Watching: Observe The Melody

Don't we all secretly hanker to fly high like birds? They hold a very symbolic place especially in Indian culture. From Lord Vishnu's Garuda to Ramayana's Jatayu we have heard all the epic legends that prove the importance of this magnificent species. We can witness more than 1200 species of birds in nearly 2100 forms inhabitant in India. No surprise we hear songs about birds carrying messages to faraway folks. In India there are many well-known areas where we can explore these enigmatic beings. And one of them is Jim Corbett National Park.

Over 586 species of resident and migratory birds have been classified up until now in and around the reserve area. You can divide these birds as follows: Water-birds and Waterside-birds including Cormorants, the Darter, the Grey Heron, Egrets, the Cattle Egret, the White-necked and Black-necked Storks, the Great Crested Grebe, Graylag Geese, White Storks, Black Storks, Sandpipers, Snipe,etc.; Birds of Prey: including Crested Serpent Eagle, Osprey, the Black-winged Kite, the Indian Shikra, Hawk-Eagles etc.; Night Birds: including over 18 kinds of owls identified like Spotted Owlet, Fish Owls, and the Scops Owls, Jungle Nightjar, the Franklin's Nightjar etc.; Woodland Birds: including Green Pigeons, Parakeets, Cuckoos, Hornbills, Barbets, Woodpeckers, Orioles, Drongos etc.; Grassland and Open Ground Birds: including Black Partridge, Doves, Bea-eaters, Rollers, the Hoopoe, Shrikes, Larks, Mynas, Bulbuls etc.; Air-Birds: including the famous Indian Alpine Swift, Crested Swifts, the Dusky Crag Martin etc.

When these colorful creatures fly high with dignity in the open space it tends to change your perspective towards life and your priorities. If you pay real close attention on how these free wings survive on this human-being dominated planet you'll be left spellbound. True life lessons could be learned from these majestic spirits. So what's a better way to spend a vacation other than in the arms of wonderful nature and be surrounded by its captivating marvels? This place can appeal to anyone and everyone no matter age or profession. All you need is to ignite the curiosity inside you and open up all your senses wide and clear. If you love to freeze everything that you see then don't forget to hang on tight to your camera and be quick while capturing these birds because sometimes they do not like to pose as you would want them to.

Though Corbett National Park is a good spot for holiday all year round but for birding purpose the best time duration is September to March. In winters the whole place looks like a set of a fiction movie with all the green lush valley and different living creatures residing in sheer peace and harmony. If you want you can look for a local birder to gather the exact information. From my personal experience I can say that the people of Ashoka's Tiger Trail Resort / Hotel in Corbett would be happy to assist you in your expedition. They provide the finest services and activities. So grab your field bag, strap up your Binoculars and have a happy bird watching safari.

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Fishing:mingling while angling

While basking in the sun on a cold day or dipping your feet in soothing water on a summer day, fishing is one activity very common and popular when you are vacationing. Imagine you are almost dozing in your lounge chair surrounded by the beautiful lush green valley, sparkling river water and wide and mysterious space clouds above your head with a rod in one hand and your favorite book in another. To intensify your imagination lets add that if its your lucky day you might catch the beast of the river the Mahseer fish. That is how you describe the experience of fishing in Jim Corbett National park. In India Jim Corbett National park is one of the well-known and well-liked places for thrilling activities like fishing and others. The pleasant weather throughout the year is one of the many main reasons that attract many tourists as well as professionals. But for fishing starting from September to all the way till June are considered to be the perfect seasons.

Here fishing is approved at Ramganga and Kosi with prior permit from the forest officials. Catching the Goonch, catfish and Mahseer fish could be both fun as well as challenging. You need to be extensively planned before starting your fish hunt because the smart fishes can give you a good game. For assistance you can always contact the people of Ashoka's tiger trail hotel and resorts. They provide the most finest and supportive services in the area.

Catch and release process is what mostly encouraged in the fishing camps to preserve these majestic yet endangered species. It is hard to understand just by reading the feeling of joy you get when you catch a fish, it is an achievement yes and at the same time when you release it again in the free water it leaves a powerful positive impact on you for lifetime. Teach the younger generation relating life lessons, sit with a friend and share stories or just find the new you in your solitude because since ages it has been proven that fishing is good for your soul and helps fasten your connection with the world.

If you are addicted to breathing fresh air and have a habit of admiring the Mother Nature then Jim Corbett National Park is your safe haven. And the opportunity to see these magnificent sea creatures swimming honestly in the clear waters is one of its kind almost inexplicable and inspiring. Checklist your fishing gear beforehand if you are planning some serous fish chase like if you want to maybe hit a jackpot and grab a golden Mahseer then use live fish, attar or ragi paste, or fly as your bait they sometimes easily fall for it. So if planning a vacation soon consider a delightful stay at Jim Corbett National Park where you can put on your cool shades, take out your fishing tackle, trot out your fishing techniques and rediscover your passion..

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